Français des affaires

4 French lessons x 45 minutes per week.

Tuesday to Friday, 12.15pm to 1.00 pm.

A maximum of 8 students per class (minimum of 2 students required).


Selon l'actualité économique et les attentes du groupe, les sujets seront sélectionnés parmi les thèmes suivants*:

WEEK 1 - Themes will be selected from the following:

The different types of French companies

The French corporate system

The business environment; the French workplace

The business market

The French banking system

Business correspondence in French

WEEK 2 - Themes will be selected from the following:

The main aspects of marketing (market research - advertising)

Telephone Communication


A lesson in correspondence/ A study of professional documents

Constructing a Curriculum Vitae

Simulations (i.e. job interviews)


    • Working on written and oral French expression related to business
    • Learning Business French vocabulary related to economics and commerce
    • Improving Telephone Communication skills
    • Confronting various business situations


    • Our teaching method is based on practical exercises, simulations and role plays
    • Our teaching aids and matertials are essentially made of real life printed documents (advertisements, newspaper articles, professional documents) , audio and audio-visual documents, and material created by our teachers.

This program is to be used as a reference and may be modified in order to meet your requirements as a student. We offer an in depth study of specific themes, for example business correspondence, and an introduction to other subjects such as:

  • The evolution of the French consumer society
  • The economic state of France
  • France today, with relation to the European Union
  • The main aspects of our labour laws
  • French culture and the behaviour of French Managers

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