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  • Work in France: Have you ever wanted to work in France? Have you been put of by the difficulty of the language? Are you worried by the cost of living abroad?

  • Live on the French Riviera: The Centre International d'Antibes offers you the perfect solution, our work exchange program. It offers you the chance to live on the French Riviera and attend French courses at our school; in return you will be given a real job in our school.

  • Improve your French language skills: Students will experience both the French working environment, as well as the atmosphere of an international school. They will be considered a regular student as well as a regular employee. The aim of our work experience program is to provide trainees with a means of improving both their general and their specific French language skills in a real work place, as well as gaining some valuable work experience.

How it works

We receive applicants for long stays (at least for 2 months), and we are offering real positions in our organization, so we require you to attend at least 2 weeks of language courses before starting work. This gives you the opportunity to practice or better your basic French skills. These two weeks help you to develop confidence in yourself, and to become more efficient during your first days at work. It also helps in becoming more confortable with colleagues; gives you a head start in the French environment whilst optimising your chances of suceeding in your primary goal : to Study French.

Types of programs (French course and work experience)
PROGRAM Hours of work Length of stay Accommodation Payment/Course
Professional internship 35 h/week 6 months Yes 417 Euro/month
Work exchange program 28 h/week
From 8 weeks to 6 months
Yes 2 hrs./week in group classes.

  • French Lessons and working hours
    The work time table is structured according to your job and will fit around your lessons at school. Students do not work 7 days a week, but are expected to be flexable in terms of of their individual weekly planning. If you decide to apply, please bear in mind that it will be hard work. You will mostly be requested to carry out tasks with variable working hours in accordance with our requirements, while of course, respecting your weekly lesson plan. All of the posts that we offer require certain personal qualities such as: dependability, responsibility, innovation, consideration for others, and a willingness to contribute to the team both in body and soul.

  • The courses :
    15 hours of French lessons per week either in the morning (from Monday to Friday) or the afternoon (Tuesday to Friday) depending on your work schedule. Students are placed in a group in accordance to their level of French. However, if a student has a level that is not compatable with his fellow students, and/or finds himself alone on a course, please be advised that we will provide only 4 hours of individual tuition instead of the standard 15 hours of group lessons.

  • The accommodation :
    Is in one of our residences, in a flat (shared room) or in a French host family. In the summer season, the accommodation could be in a dorm. Please note that you may have to move, from one residence to another, several times during your stay. A 150 € deposit will be requested upon your arrival and is usually refunded upon completion of your work exchange program.

  • Meals :
    All our perminant accommodation locations are equiped with a kitchen where work exchange participants can prepare their own meals. However, for those who are accommodated in our summer campus without a kitchen, we shall provide meals. For participants accommodated in French host families, we provide half board (breakfast and dinner) if you do not have acess to the kitchen to cook. As well as this, we offer 50% reduction of public prices at our school restaurant and cafe for work exchange participants.
Program prices

We offer a very special price of only 290€ per week.
This price includes 20 lessons of French (15 hours) plus accommodation in a host family in a twin room and half board (breakfast and dinner), or in a residence twin room (no meal).

Information for applicants to the Work and study programs

Citizenship requirements: In order to be eligible for any of our work exchange programs you must have either, a European passport, or working papers that are valid in France.

Insurance : When coming to France, applicants must bring:

  • A birth certificate.
  • Europea, Health Form . This form will be required for the duration of stay for Medical Reasons. It can be requested from the social security office. We also strongly advise that you obtain additional personal insurance such as travel insurance in case of medical problems.
How to apply

In order to process your application, we require the following:

  • A completed application form
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae with a passport photo
  • A letter of motivation (why you want to join our team, what do you think that you can bring to our workplace, etc...)

Contact us : By mail to Work Experience in France request