INTENSIVE COURSE PLUS - 34 Lessons x 45 minutes per week

General written and oral French in the morning. One to One lessons in the afternoon to focus on the student’s individual needs.

Program description: 

  • Open to all levels (beginner-advanced).
  • 34 French lessons x 45 minutes per week.
  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 12.20noon.
  • 12 students max/class.
  • Tuesday to Friday: 2pm to 4pm.
  • 6 students max/class.
  • Tuesday to Friday: 12.30noon to 1.15pm
  • 4 one-to-one lessons x 45 minutes


General written and oral French in a friendly atmosphere.

Learning of essential grammar points for all levels, improving communication skills, written and oral comprehension, role plays. Use of various teaching materials: cartoons, articles, videos, manuals and teaching materials which have been tailor made by our teaching department.

12:30noon to 1:15pm

One to One lesson, Tailor-made course to suit the student’s requirements.


In the afternoon, the focus is on oral and developing spontaneous linguistic responses. Small groups encourage everybody to take part

Role plays speaking French in everyday situations, practical activities outside the classroom (surveys in town), and discussions based on authentic materials. Systematic exercises to acquire spontaneous responses and improve pronunciation. Use of video.

Price per week: 

Stay of 1 week
Stay of 2 - 4 weeks:
Stay of 5 - 7 weeks
Stay of 8 weeks+:
  • No lessons on the first Monday of your course. Information meeting and town visit in the morning.
  • At 14:00, written and oral French test to place you in a group suitable for your level.
  • No lessons on bank holidays.
  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  • 20 minute break