Learn French in Nice

Nice's popular image as a lovely, sunny spot on the Mediterranean actually began as early as the 5th century BC.After which the Greeks added a port, the Romans some baths, and the city continued to grow under foreign influences until it became a part of France in 1860. This balmy stretch of beach has been immortalized by the great artworks of Rodin, Modigliani, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse and Chagall


  • The 'Vieux' Port

    is a haven for exotic boats and yachts. A nearby Russian Cathedral, commissioned by Czar Nicholas, provided services for the Romanovs and other Russian dignitaries. It was a favorite haunt for Americans at the turn of the last century.

  • Events in Nice

    If the Carnival of Nice has been for a long time the major tourist attraction of Nice, there are now numerous international events which are giving an international rhythm to the town life, such as the Nice Jazz Festival, as well as the sports meetings - Nikaïa, Triathlon, Half-Marathon. At the same time, the many cultural aspects are generating an intense artistic life.

  • The old town in Nice

    Although Nice may be considered a modern town, it has not forgotten its history. The heritage of Nice is constantly cared for, both by protecting the frescos which ornament the facades of the houses of old-Nice, and by maintaining the existance of the fish market, the flower market, and the fruit and vegetable market.

And more to discover...

The beauty of Nice is also due to its green spaces, including 300 hectares of gardens, its linden trees, bay-trees, pine and palm trees, which line the avenues; the fountains of the 'Forum Masséna' or the 'Acropolis Esplanade'. Nice has been classified, for over ten years, as the first town of France for its flowers and for the beauty of its gardens. Today, Nice is shown outside competition, due to its outstanding merits. .
  • Winter 8-12º (46-54 F)
  • Spring 14-18º (57-64 F)
  • Summer 25-35º (77-96 F)
  • Autumn 15-23º (59-73 F)
  • 3€ for an espresso
  • 5€ for a sandwich
  • 15€ for a dish of the day
  • 9€ for a cinema ticket

Getting around Nice

The nicest way to explore Nice is on foot, by bike or by scooter. The new tram network connects the North and the Ea st via the city centre on Avenue Jean Médecin and Place Masséna. The bus service is very efficient both night and day. .